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I sell high resolution prints of my digital paintings at various sizes on various materials. Please e-mail me at to inquire about a high resolution print of any digital painting on this website.

I evaluate commissions upon request. If you are interested please contact me at:

I offer classes on my digital painting process for creating landscapes, animals, people and caricature from scratch with no photo-manipulation. I have taught my process with motivated students since 2008. Please e-mail me at to inquire about classes with in-depth process tutorials and in-depth tutorial videos on any style you see on this website. Thank you!

All my Digital Paintings are more Precisely defined : '(5) ‘Traditional digital painting’ creates an image in a stroke-by-stroke, brush-in-hand fashion, but the canvas and painting tools are digital.'

A little information about my approach to digital painting: I always start my digital paintings from a blank canvas. Then using colors that I choose, I represent the subject matter using a variety of oil brushes, acrylic brushes, airbrushes, chalks, pastels, pens, inks, watercolors and palette knifes. 100% freehand; line after line, stroke after stroke, gradation after gradation, I sketch, draw and paint everything in my digital paintings from the bottom up. NO Photos, digital or otherwise, are used in my digital paintings. No Tracing, No Photo-manipulation, No Photo-paintover, No color picking, No photo compositing, NO photos are placed into my digital paintings. I do not use 3d software in any way during the creation of any of my digital paintings. Made from 100% white canvas; I do not use any pre-made parts or pieces in any way while creating my digital paintings. I do not make brushes, texture or paper texture from photos. I have used Corel Painter basic papers that are included in box when you purchase the digital painting software. My digital paintings have sometimes taken over 100 hours to create. Tirelessly not satisfied, I work hour after hour, until I achieve the illusion that I am looking to create. Digital Painting has became a extension of my continued artistic journey.